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Austin Texas Bus Stop

The bus stops were designed specifically for Capital Metro to greatly improve the bus passenger infrastructure throughout the area.

This bus stop has the following unique features:

  • Strong, Long Lasting Materials & Anodised Aluminum Finish
  • Quality Presentation of Timetable Information
  • Quick Release Fittings & Fixings (aids operation & maintenance)
  • Robust, Boat Shaped Flag Sign with Quick Release Route Tiles
  • No Visible Fixings for Tamperproof & Vandal Resistant Operation
  • Post Designed to accept RTPI Power & Communications Cables
  • Attractive Weather Resistant Materials (stainless steel & Aluminum)
  • Solar Power Lighting & Illuminated Timetable Display Options
  • Tactile Bumper foot for Visually Impaired & Pushchairs
  • Easily replaceable route tiles
  • Proven in Climates from +40°C to -40°C
  • Easily identifiable to the visually impaired by it shape and feel

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