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Everett Shelters

Phase 1 of the Swift BRT project launched November 29th, 2009 and in turn is now in the works of preparing phase 2 for installation early 2017.

These shelters incorporate the latest in transit engineering, manufacturing techniques and materials innovation.

These attractive, well branded stations have a foot print of approximately 40’ x10’ and protect its passengers from the Sun UV Rays, rain and wind with its diffused glass roofing panels and curved windscreens with seating.

The shelters feature the latest in transport technology, including, ticket vending machines, digital information displays and audio service information.

The new shelters, praised for their iconic, attractive design, engineering soundness and fantastic passenger amenities.

The Bus Rapid Transit project will improve mobility, connectivity, and accessibility in the area, help spur local economic growth and help changed the public perception of passenger transit systems.

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