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3 Ways Technology is Making its Way into the Transport Sector

We’re currently in the middle of a digital revolution. With every corner we turn, new products are emerging to help make our lives easier, from voice-enabled home assistants to robots in the workplace. The public transport sector is no different as people demand newer and better technologies to help guide them on their journeys.

Public transport is becoming more popular as we start to understand the effect excessive vehicle emissions have on our planet. The efficiency of what is often an incredibly complex transport infrastructure, especially in large cities, is significant in ensuring the transport system is used to its full potential. By incorporating technology into the public transport sector, cities can power forward into the future with greener transportation solutions with convenience in mind.

Digital totems

Gone are the days of paper maps as we welcome new digital wayfinding technology. Totems are becoming an essential part of city street furniture, providing pedestrians, cyclists and other public transport users with a hub of information.

From area maps to lists of local attractions, distances and walking times, digital totems offer a full range of facilities to help plan journeys on foot or by bicycle. Using LED screens and E-Ink technology, these totems only use a small amount of energy, all of which is renewable through the installation of solar panels.

Real-time information

Punctuality is key when it comes to encouraging people to use public transport. As technology becomes more widespread, we are seeing the growth of real-time information reliability. Even some of the simplest bus stops take advantage of real-time displays, using tracking methods to show exactly when the next bus is due.

Apps are also available for pedestrians to download to help them track the position of their desired mode of transport without needing to visit the stop or station itself. Having this information readily available in their pocket ensures they can plan their day without having to waste time waiting for buses or trains to arrive.

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are becoming more prevalent in our towns and cities. Their lack of emissions makes them a desirable alternative to petrol or diesel-powered vehicles helping to keep cities cleaner. Buses, taxis and trains are all adapting to take advantage of new hybrid technologies, with many fully electric vehicles already existing on the roads.

Autonomous vehicles are also making their way onto public roads and it’s likely the public transport sector will embrace driverless technology in the near future.

The public transportation sector is changing with the implementation of new innovative technologies every day. At Future Systems, we are proud to be able to play our part in the transformation of transit infrastructures. Talk to us today for more information on how we can take your project to the next level.


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