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Anti-Terrorist Shelter

As more commuters use public transport and as investment in transport infrastructure increases, more commuters and visitors are increasing their vulnerability.

The protection offered by the Anti-Terrorist Shelter is second to none. During the concept, design and manufacturing stages we concentrated on building strength into the structure and providing a safe zone. At Future Systems, we want to give peace of mind to you and the commuters who rely on all of our blast proof transport hardware.

We have built and test the Shelter to the highest standards, it can withstand 100kg of high explosives at a 25-metre distance. It is compliant with BS and ISO standards tested to ISO EX V25 Blast Standard.

Government initiatives and advice is to think more about anti-terrorist measures and to bear in mind the risk to the public, with a blast proof shelter you can help protect the public and employees.

The bomb resistant shelter is currently used by Heathrow Airport Holdings to provide shelter at London Heathrow Airport. It also benefits from large, strengthened glass screens that provide excellent all-round visibility and the Shelter is available in permanent and portable variants, making it ideal for temporary events.

The adaptability and design of the Anti-Terrorist Shelter mean that it can be used anywhere in public transport, from airports and bus & train stations to Government buildings and sporting venues.

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