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City Area Wayfinding Totem

Ref: 3B 006.5

Future Systems Inc. is proud to have completed a project in Birmingham, UK involving the installation of a bespoke totem network throughout the city centre. As the second largest city in England, Birmingham required a leading signage system befitting of its size and industrial prowess.

Working closely with Centro and Partners, Future Systems Inc. designed a modern and intuitive system with clear map graphics and local information. Units have been installed throughout the city centre and pedestrianised shopping areas in order to create a powerful interactive network of signage and navigation solutions.

The digitally-printed display with LED backlighting ensures maximum visibility in all conditions, allowing for easier use of the city’s network after dark. Featuring high-quality glass panelling and vitreous enamel construction, Future Systems Inc. has ensured that each totem provides the durability requires for inner-city usage.


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