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Digital Totems

Ref: 3C 034

Kings Cross Station in London is one of the busiest rail interchanges in the world. With thousands of passengers travelling each day, the station requires visible and intuitive signage to ensure that users are easily directed around the complex. With this in mind, Future Systems Inc. designed and erected a series of modern and durable totems with the ability to withstand the high-traffic and demanding nature of an international rail hub.

The Kings Cross totems feature an in-built LCD display, adding the ability to deliver key marketing features. The discreet embedded technology provides local businesses with the opportunity to advertise on the unit self, ensuring cost-effective operation and maintenance. The digital display is just one example of the bespoke features Future Systems Inc. can implement into existing totem technology. With unrivalled flexibility and modular construction, Future Systems Inc. can deliver the same care and attention to cities across the globe.

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