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Elite Transit Bus Stop

Innovative System for Bus, BRT & Tram
The world’s most intelligent, attractive & adaptable transit stop

The ‘Elite’ system has been designed specifically for transit stop use and incorporates the following specialist features:
Strong, lightweight construction for improved safety and easy handling, special recessed channels for fitting quick release tamper proof fixings, ability to be installed in a variety of configurations including over existing square sign posts. Durable exterior quality finishes, including architectural grade anodising and polyester powder coating in a wide range of colors.

The post also has provision for the installation of electrical and telecommunications cables for lighting and real-time information display systems.

Future Systems have provided over 50,000 transit stops globally and have unrivalled expertise in the quality presentation of on street transit information, providing both static and electronic display platforms

Benefits of the Elite Transit Stop System

  • Federal Highway Administration Approved – NCHRP 350
  • A powerful marketing platform for the promotion of mass transit (branded routes and services)
  • A vehicle for improving the image of public transit
  • A platform for the quality presentation of travel information – the shop window for your public transit service
  • A platform for the delivery of advanced electronic travel information
  • Safe, welcoming places for customers to congregate
  • Fully modular designs
  • Robust, long lasting materials & finishes
  • Easy to maintain for long lasting appearance
  • Safe, eco friendly LED solar powered illumination courtesy lighting
  • Full compliance with regulations and guidelines (ADA)
  • Ability to accept RTI displays and touch Journey Planning modules
  • Future proofed and technology enabled

Patented Bus Stop Information System

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