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Elixir Digital Wayfinding Totem

The Elixir range of digital totems is the latest addition to Future Systems Inc.’s enviable portfolio. Each user-focused digital totem provides a clear and intuitive passenger experience, allowing pedestrians to navigate urban areas on foot with ease. The flexible and module design allows for installation into any public area, delivering unrivalled versatility for cities around the world.

Full compatibility with smart technology makes the Elixir Totem a truly future-proof unit. Users are able to customise the final product to include CCTV systems, audio PA systems, RTPI displays and advanced digital communication systems. Interactive features such as digital maps and marketing spaces allow for a completely versatile unit with unrivalled functionality.

As a forward-thinking company, Future Systems Inc. places great emphasis on sustainability. Due to this, the Elixir Totem is offered with full solar capabilities. This allows the lighting to operate independently, offering comprehensive standalone performance.


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