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Fastlink Shelters

The Fastlink shelters have many features with bespoke printed glass design, lighting, seating, publicity displays and illuminated advertising displays.

With exceptional quality of design and finishing, the shelters provide a sophisticated, contemporary waiting environment for the travelling public.

  • Available in a range of configurations & sizes
  • Modular, flexible & innovative design & construction
  • Contemporary architectural aesthetics & detailing
  • Engineering grade construction & materials
  • Future proofed & technology enabled
  • Incorporates Intelligent, electronic transport hardware
  • Optimum passenger protection, comfort & safety
  • Ultimate transport marketing platform
  • Robust and vandal resistant
  • Range of high grade material & finish options for long lasting performance
  • Quick release yet tamper proof features for rapid, cost effective maintenance
  • Compliant with structural standards & regulations
  • Fully ADA compliant
  • Ability to accept RTPI displays, CCTV, audio PA, solar, kiosks and other advanced information systems
  • Range of foundation and installation options available
  • Range of glazing materials and options available
  • Special ‘shock absorbing’ glazing retention system


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