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Gullwing Bus Shelter

Ref: 1A 002

With a range of foundation and installation options available, our flexible and modular construction means the Gullwing Shelter can be installed in a range of sizes and configurations. Future Systems use a range of high-grade materials and finishes to create a robust and durable shelter that will last. The shock-absorbing glazing retention system reduces risk of passenger injury if the shelter is damaged by decreasing the chance of the glazing shattering. At Future Systems, we care about providing optimum passenger safety, protection and comfort.

The sleek and stylish design of the Gullwing Bus Shelter makes it evident why this shelter has been the choice of many major cities when installing their transport furniture. They are capable of accepting a variety of technological information systems, including CCTV, audio PA, kiosks and RTPI displays. Fully ADA compliant, Future Systems ensure that our shelters are inclusive for all members of the public.

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