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King County Shelters

Future Systems Inc along with King County and their Architects, have gone through a 2 year design review, prototype and implementation all leading towards the first deliveries of shelters for the H line in late 2021 and completed by mid 2022. This is a 10 year contract to provide both shelters and Tech pylons to King county.

When the RapidRide H Line launches in fall 2022, it will come more often and be more reliable than Route 120 is today. It will provide connections from neighborhoods in Burien, White Center, and West Seattle to downtown Seattle along Third Avenue and South Lake Union. RapidRide H Line will also provide much needed connections to other bus service and Link light rail.

Building the future RapidRide H Line will continue through fall of 2022 and includes an estimated $87 million in King County and Seattle investments in new transit stations, bus lanes and traffic signal upgrades between South Lake Union, downtown Seattle, Delridge and West Seattle, White Center and Burien.

With real-time information signs, off-board payment and service operating most of the day and every 10 minutes or better during peaks, RapidRide is Metro’s premier service.

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