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Portsmouth Wayfinding Totems

Ref: 3B 006.11

Future Systems Inc. is a truly global company, using their in-depth expertise of the industry to deliver unrivalled solutions all over the globe. One such powerful wayfinding system can be found in the coastal city of Portsmouth in the United Kingdom.

With a total of 52 city navigation points, 9 Hotspot Interpretation Point Totems and 19 fingerposts, the Portsmouth wayfinding network demonstrates the effectiveness of implementing a fully integrated system into a large town or city.

Future Systems Inc. specialises in creating bold and unique architectural solutions. The vitreous enamel construction used within the totems provides a distinctly high-end look, perfect for councils looking to deliver a leading experience within their pedestrianised areas. Through the use of durable materials, Future Systems Inc. ensures that each totem unit remains operational and vandal-resistant – ideal for high traffic usage within an urban area.

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