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Las Vegas BRT Shelter

Ref: 1A 016

Launched in 2010 the new ACE, BRT program for the RTC in the City of Las Vegas, incorporated the latest in transit engineering, manufacturing techniques and materials innovation in response to the high temperature ranges experienced in the Nevada region.

The complex, ground-breaking design posed considerable engineering challenges however Future Systems was able to utilise its transit engineering and manufacturing experience to deliver the project.

The shelters feature the latest in transport technology, including solar power lighting, ticket vending machines, digital information displays, audio service information and advertising displays.

The new shelters, praised for their innovative design and fantastic amenities, have been heavily marketed to appeal to people who wouldn’t ordinarily get out of their cars to ride the bus because of long-held assumptions and stigmas about mass transit.

The Bus Rapid Transit project will improve mobility, connectivity, and accessibility in Las Vegas and help spur local economic growth.

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