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Las Vegas Bus Shelter

Ref: 1A 015

A truly modern solution for cutting-edge cities, the Sinewave shelters installed in Las Vegas provide a unique way to shelter passengers from the elements. Featuring advanced solar lighting and a built-in marketing display, the shelter offers one of the most functional solutions on the market.

With a striking fibre-reinforced plywood roof, the project brings a modern public transit solution to the streets of Las Vegas. Taking design cues from its namesake, the Sinewave style of shelter delivers sleek looks while also offering a fully weatherproof covering. The stylist design allows for a unique look for any city – often being compared to a manta ray.

While this project is based in Las Vegas, Future Systems Inc. strives to bring the same high-quality level of craftsmanship to cities all across the world. For more information on bespoke projects, please get in touch with a member of the team.

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