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Smart City Digital Totems

In a world where everyone is connected to each other, it is important that people and transport are connected with one another to work in harmony.

Future Systems Smart Digital Totems are the key technological connections between travellers and the city. Our digital wayfinding and digital totems guide commuters in the most efficient and effective system.

Many states and cities across the world are reaping the benefits of our Smart City Digital Totems and wayfinding systems. Some of the world’s biggest and busiest cities and capitals rely on Future Systems Totems to provide a sustainable and connected service.

With Future Systems, residents, commuters and visitors can make the best use of our internet accessibility, device charging, access to digital information, emergency assistance, CCTV and data points in cityscape locations.

Encourage walking, public transport and improve the health and environmental benefits of your city with Future Systems Digital Totems.

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