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Virtue Wayfinding Totem

Future Systems Inc. is proud to unveil the Virtue Totem, one of many products from our range of bespoke wayfinding systems. As cities across the globe seek to cut down their carbon emissions, custom totem designs are becoming an increasingly popular way to encourage pedestrians to walk instead of using powered transportation.

The sleek design of the Virtue Totem provides a striking visual landmark for any transit network, perfect for adding a modern touch to any town or city. Thanks to the unique aperture design and vitreous enamel construction, Future Systems Inc.’s Virtue Totem…….

Featuring full compatibility with a range of different forms of smart devices, the Virtue Totem can deliver a modern experience for any town or city. Solar panels, CCTV cameras, audio PA systems and digital communications hardware can all be easily implemented into the design, offering a truly future-proof unit.



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